Action Fuel Oil Corp. offers the sale of:

- High Quality #2 Home Heating Oil

- Off-Road Diesel Fuel

  - On-Road Diesel Fuel


**Automatic Delivery Available upon Request**

Action Fuel is a full service company that offers service for Heating Systems, Air Conditioning Systems, Service Contracts, Budget Plans, and System Start-ups. Our experienced technicians are skilled with a variety of heating systems and air conditioning systems. We perform scheduled preventative maintenance and repairs as well as handling any emergencies that occur 24 hours a day. We use locally distributed, quality parts and we pride ourselves on safe, prompt, and reliable service. We always strive to make sure your system is performing at maximum output.  

Action Fuel can install any cooling or heating system. We have what you need to stay cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. Also, our technicians are available to help you eliminate any building violations or fire department violations you may need assistance with. Our customer's safety is our top priority!

Please call 845-621-5100 today for a FREE ESTIMATE of ANY of the following Installations:

- New Heating Systems

- New Air Conditioning Systems

- Oil Tanks

- Propane Tanks

-LP Gas Lines

- Hot Water Heaters

- HVAC Installations

- Hot Air Furnaces

- Gas and Hot Water Boilers