Action Fuel Budget Plan

Our budget plan is a sensible way to manager your home heating costs for the year. We want to make it as convenience and worry-free as possible. The budget plan is in effect for 10 months, and the amount you pay monthly is based on the amount of fuel you are expected to use during this time. This option allows you to know your energy cost ahead of time, making it possible for you to more easily allocate your funds each month. 

Action Fuel Budget Plan runs for 10 months. For 10 months, you will pay the same monthly amount based on your residence's yearly fuel usage. Our budget plans are for heating oil and/or propane only. With the budget plan, your account will be on automatic delivery, so you do not have to worry about checking the level of your oil tank and/or propane tank.

At the beginning of each month, you will receive a statement for the previous month showing any deliveries made the previous month and your current credit or balance. Action Fuel evaluates the budget after 6 months. If you have a large credit on your account, we will lower your monthly payment. If you have a large balance, we will need to raise the monthly budget slightly.

If you are interested in the Budget Plan, please contact us at our office at 845-621-5100, or email us at!